Sunday, June 2, 2013

President of Egypt

Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Morsy
After the end of the first stage of the presidential elections in Egypt, Egyptians now have two choices:

Firstly: Morsy (Muslim Brotherhood candidate).

Secondly: Ahmed Shafik (Military Council candidate).

I expect two scenarios for the second round which would combine the Muslim Brotherhood and the military:

First: If Morsy became the president:

The Military Council would support the victory of Morsy (Muslim Brotherhood candidate) for presidency and Egypt will pass through many problems more than what it passed through during the transitional period under the Military Council rule. These problems would be done by the Military Council to teach the people a hard lesson for what they did to Mubarak and they will support the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood has a plan to transform Egypt to something similar to Iran. The Military Council will assist the Muslim Brotherhood in disposing their opponents, in this case (the revolutionaries). They would make up sectarian problems and drag the Muslim Brotherhood with it to prove to the people that the revolution that they made brought the Muslim Brotherhood to presidency and after many problems, the military would take over again, then we would be back to the revolution of 1952.

Secondly: If Shafik became president:

In the second round of the elections and before it, the Military Council would intimidate the people from the Muslim Brotherhood, and would expose the Muslim Brotherhood to the people. They would portray them to the people as the main reason for the failure of the Egyptian revolution and that the Muslim Brotherhood had stolen the revolution.

They would also portray Ahmed Shafik as the only savior from the Muslim Brotherhood, and he can achieve all the goals of the revolution and that he would be ready to do revolutionary trials for the old regime.

When the second round of the election day comes, Egyptians would vote in favor of Morsy (Muslim Brotherhood candidate), then the military would forge the elections in favor of Shafik (Military Council candidate), according to Article 28, no one has the right to question the election results and Ahmed Shafik would become the president of Egypt and the Military Council will publish a constitutional declaration with the powers of the president and of these powers that he would be able to dissolve the parliament.

So, Ahmed Shafik would dissolve the parliament, then he would make up a problem for the Muslim Brotherhood, to be able to arrest them again, then we would return to the old regime and the old regime's repression of freedoms.

Thanks to Emad el Dafrawi for correcting the translation.


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